Terms of Service


These terms are valid for all services provided by Host1.no.
We find long-winded and complicated terms of service extremely tedious, and will try to keep ours brief and understandable.
By accepting these terms, the client has also confirmed that he/she is of legal age.


The client may at any time cancel any and all services through their client area. The cancellation will be effective as of the following payment period.
We may cancel any and all services with no warning if the client breaks any of these terms.
We may suspend / cancel any services that causes problems for us or other clients' services.
Host1.no provides a 30 day money back guarantee on web hotel, reseller hosting and vps. This guarantee is not valid for other services.


All services and domains will automatically be renewed and invoiced until Host1 AS receives a written cancellation from the client.
Payment is accepted via VISA/PayPal or bank transfer.
All prices include Norwegian VAT.

Our responsibility

Our responsibility is to provide the services purchased by our clients, without disruption. This responsibility does not include situations over which we have no power or control, such as (but not limited to) hardware malfunction, war, strike, fire, acts of terrorism and/or God, etc.
Host1.no does ensure daily backup of all data, but the client is responsible for backup of their own data. Host1 will assist in data restoration, but accepts no responsibility for any data losses.
Host1 treats all client data confidentially, and do not share or sell client data. The only exception to this rule is if the police or other government authority may legally demand data to be disclosed. We will not disclose any data without court order.
Host1 provide free support for all products and services. We do not provide systems operation of dedicated servers or co-location other than OS installation, reboot and hardware repair. Additional services may be offered upon individual agreement. Service Level Agreements are available upon request.

Client responsibility

The client must keep their personal data up to date at all times. User names and passwords must never be disclosed to any third party. If user names and/or passwords are disclosed by the client, the client accepts all responsibility for any consequences.
The client's use of all products and services must comply with Norwegian law. In addition, the following acts are not allowed: Spam distribution, IRC-servers, and hacking/cracking. The main idea is for the client to use common sense! Host1 may suspend or terminate any and all services if non-compliance to this paragraph is suspected.
In order to prevent abuse of services, the client must also keep all software up to date. Any software causing problems may be removed by Host1 without notice.

Domain registration

Domains are registered to the client's name. On order of domain registration, the client has accepted that the necessary client data is shared with the domain registration agency.
Additional regulations apply to domains under the .no top domain.Please refer to NORID.

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  • Terms of service

    We aim to provide our clients with great service and support without complicated terms of service. We have made our terms of service as short and consize as possible to our clients and our advantage.

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