10 Gigabit
All clients are terminated on Cisco 3560G edgeswitches. Our core network is connected with several gigabitconnections to a 10gbit core which is directly connected to NIX (Norwegian Internet Exchange) where it's peered with several other norwegian ISP's. In additon to this our network provider is also present at NIX2, FIXO, Stokab KN1, STHIX, Telecity II and AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange). We get foreign traffic (transit) from Global Crossing (GBLX) and Phonera (Port80) and more.

We mainly have our equipment in one of Norway's top datacenters, Digiplex. This enables us to deliver services with high uptime and redundancy on everything (Power, Cooling, Network.)

IPv6 enabled
Our network is already IPv6-ready, and we have Native IPv6-connections. This is at the moment not supported and without a uptime guarantee.

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  • Infrastructure

    Information about the Host1 infrastructure. We currently have equipment in two datacenters in Oslo, Norway: OSL1 and OSL2. All our infrastructure is hosted on redundant power, cooling and network.

  • Terms of service

    We aim to provide our clients with great service and support without complicated terms of service. We have made our terms of service as short and consize as possible to our clients and our advantage.

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